Double Cluster from the mini-WASP array just before grabbing the lunar halo image

Managed to get half an hour on the Double Cluster with one camera before it all went pear-shaped with the weather last night.  The Double Cluster and Stock 2 is one image that the mini-WASP array was actually designed for 🙂  Just as well I did this “test shot” as it shows my framing is out and now I know where to place the clusters in the FOV for a much better image.  The second camera (with the Stock 2 image) didn’t have the same number of sub-exposures as camera 1 so the complete image doesn’t look so good.  Never mind – I am at least prepared now to do the thing properly next clear evening.  One thing is for sure – the mini-WASP array is going to be perfect for those BIG star fields 🙂

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