Deep-Sky Image of the Week – Astrophotographer Anna Morris

Another fine Horsehead image from another PAIG lady – this time it’s the return of Anna Morris (who shared her amazing NGC7000 region mega-mosaic with us a few weeks ago).  Very nicely processed image Anna – and what can I say to the PAIG guys other than – THE GIRLS ARE CREAMING YOU LADS 🙂 🙂

Anna provided the following details for her image:

Horsehead Nebula imaged 18 Dec 2011 into morning of 19 Dec 2011, scope: Orion EON80ED, camera: Atik 314L+

Ha: 4x1800s, 6x600s, SII, OIII: 3x1800s (bin1) each, SII, OIII: 6x600s (bin2) each, RGB: 4x600s (bin2) each.

Total: 500 min (8hrs, 20 min)

What can I say other than the image reflects the amount of data taken and confirms my own findings that for First Class images you need in excess of 8-hours total imaging time if at all possible.  There is no substitute for time spent on an object.

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