The Sky-Watcher Esprit ED-100 quintuplet is loaded and ready to go!

The utterly superb Sky-Watcher Esprit ED-100 quintuplet refractor is now mounted on the Paramount with the Megrez 80 guide scope piggy-backed above.  I have a Robofocus connected to the ED-100 fine focus knob via a tiny timing belt and actually managed to get the ED-100 focus trained last night before the cloud came in.  For the moment I am imaging through a diagonal (for a number of reasons, including ease of setup).  A 48mm IDAS filter fits to the the 2″ end of the diagonal (the end that goes into the scope, not the camera).  Looking down the business end I think it looks pretty good and I’m expecting any vignetting to be pretty small – but hopefully, we’ll soon see 🙂


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