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The Sky-Watcher Esprit-ED100 quintuplet refractor – a real cat amongst the pigeons!

                           At the New Forest Observatory I have the most stunning refractor to review for Kieron at SCS Astro.  I have not been very happy with the Takahashi … Continue reading

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It was not the hard drive!

In a post below you will see that I was in the process of burning Blu-Rays for backup as I thought one of the (relatively new) hard drives was on the way out.  I had a thought that it might be … Continue reading

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Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the West – image taken over the New Forest

Moon blazing away overhead, so not a great night for deep-sky imaging – BUT – a great night for the planets.  We not only have Jupiter and Venus competing with the Moon as brightest objects in the sky, but also low … Continue reading

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Sky-Watcher ED100 f#5.0 quintuplet – Holy Smoke!!!

This afternoon I received the most amazing piece of glass to review – it is simply beautiful.  The Sky-Watcher ED100 f#5.0 quintuplet refractor.  Now I have yet to put this beast through its paces, but if its performance comes anywhere … Continue reading

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Massive Blu-Ray burning session underway

I have 4 (relatively new!) 2Tb hard drives in an “Icy Dock” station for data storage/backup of all the astronomy data and the main computer.  Now last night one of these drives decides to play stupid 🙁  O.K. I have … Continue reading

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IOM March 2012 – the Leo Trio

Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – it’s Galaxy season once again – I love Galaxy season.  Although I am working on a mega-sized mosaic of the Virgo/Coma region, the image I have chosen for this month is the well-known Leo Trio of Galaxies in … Continue reading

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