Downloaded PEMPro from CCDWare for 60-day free evaluation

I have just downloaded the 60-day trial version of PEMPro from CCDWare (I already use their brilliant CCDInspector software) for evalutaion.  PEMPro allows you to polar align and train the PEC for your mount.  As I want to be able to take 1-hour sub-exposures with the mini-WASP array my polar alignment needs to be pretty much spot-on and I want the smallest periodic error I can get out of the Paramount.  The publicity material that comes with PEMPro suggests that you can get the periodic error for a Paramount ME down to 0.8″ which is going to be good enough for me 🙂

If I ever see a clear sky again so that I can try this software out – I’ll let you know how I get on with it.


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