Further adventures with the mini-WASP array

Took a look outside around 11:00 p.m. to see that we had really nice clear skies – that was unexpected.  Can’t let a clear sky go to waste so I went out for an evening’s work tuning up the mini-WASP array.  Finished at 3:30 a.m. so don’t feel too good writing this up.  Been going round the houses on this last bit of flattening the camera chip to the optical axis and getting the camera collimated to the scope.  But 4 and a half hours of playing with the system last night I am just about starting to understand what needs to be done to tweak this one to its best performance.  It’s a bit different to what I’ve been used to using the Sky 90s, but then again I think I have been lucky rather than knowing exactly what I’ve been doing.  Fingers crossed the next tuning session should see the job completed and I’ll be able to start some decent 2-frame mini-WASP imaging shortly.  The first target is likely to be my old favourite M31 – but in narrowband as well as RGB 🙂


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