How I will remember Neil Armstrong

Here is a clip of Neil Armstrong at the Starmus Festival last year in Tenerife.  For me it was an almost overwhelming experience being in the presence of the first man to walk on the Moon, and he appeared to be very fit and well back then for an 80 year old guy with a LOT of miles on the clock.

He really was a very modest and unassuming man – considering what he had achieved in his life.  You can see in the video clip that he was beginning to get a little uncomfortable towards the end of the standing ovation he received – he just didn’t seem to need that stuff – what a truly great man.  R.I.P. Neil Armstrong August 5th 1930 – August 25th 2012, age 82, an inspiration to a whole generation of schoolkids, like me, who stayed up all night watching that totally unforgettable moment in July 1969.

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