The third and final (?) imaging system has been fitted to the mini-WASP array

Today the TS 80mm triplet APO (with flattener) arrived after ordering from Bern at Modern Astronomy – great service Bern, now let’s see what this little scope can do 🙂  On the back of the TS 80mm is an M26C 10-Megapixel one-shot colour CCD to go alongside the other 2 M26Cs on the two Sky 90s.  So each exposure will be bringing down 30 Megapixels at a time and I will be grabbing 3x the actual imaging time spent in exposures.  This is good news.  It means a typical 4-hour imaging session will bag me 12-hours worth of data, and over the last 8 years I have found I need around 8-12 hours of good data to make a very good image.  So what used to take me 2 or 3 good clear nights I can now get in a single evening – excellent.  As always, all I need now are some clear Moonless skies to be in business.  As this was apparently the wettest summer on record I am not hopeful.  Images to follow shortly.


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