mini-WASP now fully populated and ready to go :)

The second TS 80mm triplet APO arrived today so I made up another Robofocus bracket and mounted the new scope in the mini-WASP frame.  So that’s it – I am not going to go any further with the hardware on this, I am calling a halt here and getting on with some imaging.  So the final configuration I have settled on is:

1)  TS 80mm triplet APO in port 1 with an M26C one-shot colour CCD and IDAS filter.

2)  Sky 90 and M26C one-shot colour camera with a filter wheel containg an IDAS filter, H-alpha, H-beta, SII and OIII all in port 2.

3)  TS 80mm triplet APO in port 3 with an M26C one-shot colour CCD and IDAS filter.

4)  Megrez 80mm guide scope with starlight xpress guide camera in port 4.

Initially (and maybe finally) I will have all scopes pointing at the same object.  The Sky 90 has a slightly bigger FOV than the TS 80s so it makes sense that the narrowband work is carried out on the Sky 90 (it can of course do straight RGB as well).

So all I have to do next is get all the scopes accurately aligned, get the scopes focus trained, and then it’s imaging time once again – hooray 🙂

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