The mini-WASP is up and running – of course it is a full Moon tonight!

As I write this entry in my study I have the other 3 screens showing me what is going on in the mini-WASP observatory.  All 3 scopes and cameras are currently imaging the Double Cluster, and later I am really going to push my luck and see if I can move the scope up to Stock 2 and make a 2-framer, all from indoors.  Tom How’s Patent automatic dome rotator is of course up and running 🙂

So I am now grabbing 3 hour’s worth of data in just 1 hour’s worth of imaging time – it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Not all completely sorted, there’s still a few bugs to iron out – but this has taken me just over a year to get to this point so as you might imagine, tonight is happy bunny night 🙂

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