Did it really require a higher administrative Court to deal with the Idiocracy?

Apparently a German Court has decided against a woman’s claim that the large hadron collider should be shut down as it will create black holes and destroy the Earth.  Did it really require a Court to be assembled to consider this baseless nonsense, has “common sense” really left the planet?  Are we really living in the Idiocracy (rather than the Matrix)??

The Large Hadron Collider has been designed to provide colliding proton energies up to 7TeV, or in everyday units 1.12 microjoules, that is 1.12 millionth of a a joule where as every schoolboy knows it takes 4.2 joules of energy to raise the temperature of 1 gramme (cubic centimetre) of water 1 degree Celsius – we aren’t talking about much energy here.  Now as every keen cosmologist knows, we get Cosmic Rays coming at us every day, and the energy of those high energy particles can exceed 1 joule!!  Yep – well over a million times the pathetic efforts we can make in our most powerful colliders here on Earth.  These mega-energetic particles have been coming at us for eons, and guess what?  We haven’t seen a single black hole or strangelet particle produced so far.

Just about as bad as faster than light neutrinos.


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