Hind’s Crimson Star

Taken in early January 2013 using the mini-WASP array.  18 subs at 4-minutes per sub using all 3 cameras – so 216 imaging minutes in total – the mini-WASP array really grabs the maximum amount of data in the shortest possible time 🙂  Hind’s Crimson Star is a Carbon star in Lepus and is south-west of Rigel, so pretty low down for me to grab.  With a declination of around -16 degrees this is just about as low as I can image given my southern horizon – and even then it has to be caught in the gap between two sets of trees.  Notice the obligatory bright blue star that always seems to accompany a bright red Carbon star 🙂  Image processing by Noel Carboni in Florida U.S.A.


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