Quasars with proper motion – Houston we have a problem!

I have long sided with Halton Arp regarding quasars.  Like Halton Arp I also believe that quasars are not undefinable objects at extreme distances radiating unimaginable power – but are objects much closer to us who exhibit an odd redshift behaviour – odd only if you don’t understand the mechanism creating the redshift of course.

This subject has intrigued me for years, not least because I have a great affinity for the supposed “maverick” who thinks outside the box and as a consequence puts the stuffed-shirt establishment’s nose completely out of joint.  The establishment reacts of course in the most mature way it can muster by blackballing and isolating the maverick.  So I recently did a search to see the current state of play on this topic.

You can imagine my surprise when I came across some work showing that there are quasars whose proper motion has been measured!!!  Ooooopppssssssssssss – now that’s a biggy.  Now I wonder why this hasn’t been front page news for weeks on end like the photographic confirmation of Einstein’s prediction of the bending of light by the Sun??

Hang on in there Halton – looks to me like the truth will out sometime pretty soon 🙂

Astronomical community – Egg, face, on, your – rearrange to complete a well-known phrase or saying.


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3 Responses to Quasars with proper motion – Houston we have a problem!

  1. This post has made my day. Please report on any response from the community :¬)

    David A

  2. George Carey says:

    I have never been a fan of the ‘big red shift’ = ‘big distance’ theory. One day soon someone will prove that red shift can be caused by something else, and the text books will be torn up. I hope it is soon!

  3. Greg Parker says:

    As I said in my post – I’ve always thought Halton Arp was correct, and his reward for his farsightedness is to get blackballed by the astronomical community – nice! I wrote to Arp a few years back suggesting that eventually the truth will out – not sure he thought so in his lifetime – but maybe he will have the last laugh – I certainly hope so.

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