Let’s all dumb down together – or maybe not

As I’ve mentioned before – this is MY blog, so I can write what the hell I like.  My cage has just been rattled by a piece written about Harvard and it mentions teaching in Universities.

You have teachers at a school and you have Lecturers at a University.  Ever wondered why they are given different names?  It’s because at school you are spoon fed, and that is the job of a teacher.  For that age group it is a vital and necessary job, and it needs to be done extremely well.  At University the aim is to get you to start learning on your own, hence a Lecturer who basically tells you what to go away and learn.  Well that’s how it used to be at one time anyway.  In the grand dumbing down which is so fashionable today it is becoming hard to differentiate Lecturers from teachers.  Even harder because the Administrators at University will call it “teaching” and it is your “teaching load” not Lecturing or Lecturing load.  The insidious incursion of the dumb downers is even seen and felt in our institutions of higher education.  Well, why shouldn’t it be?  When those running our Universities are quite often no more than (unqualified)  accountants and honorary pen pushers who would look at you like you were a lunatic if you asked them what their philosophy of higher education was – what the hell do you expect?

And the terrorist outrages against schools we have seen recently?  Terrorism?  Religion?  Some fanatical adherence to some arcane cause??  No.  They just want you to be as thick as they are – they can’t deal with educated people with a mind of their own – such people are dangerous (to morons anyway).

If you really want to rebel – get educated – it will create a great deal more upheaval for society long-term, than carrying out some petty crime.

Rant over.


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