The Webb Deep-Sky Society

I gave my talk about the New Forest Observatory at the Webb Deep-Sky Society AGM in Cambridge yesterday, 15/06/2013.

I had a great time there and would like to say a big thank you guys and I really appreciate the hospitality 🙂

The talk before mine was by Larry Mitchell from the Texas Star Party – yes he had flown in from the States to talk to the Webb Society.  Absolutely mind blowing stuff (even though it was for observational people and not imagers 🙂 )  These guys go out to visually observe the really faint stuff right at the limits and way off the catalogues.  Plenty of objects I’ve never heard of before (certainly not seen), and a really inspirational talk for imagers as well as observers.  Thank you for a really great talk Larry!!!!  Next time maybe we will get the full 1 and a half hour’s worth 🙂



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