Perseids evening of 11/08/2013 – dogged by cloud

Well this year was unusual in that we are not annoyed by a blazing Moon upsetting our view of the Perseids – so what else can be thrown at us?  Clouds of course.  Pretty heavy cloud for most of last night into this morning 🙁  However, when the cloud decided to shift itself there were plenty of faint meteor trails to be seen, and I managed to catch one blazer around midnight.  It is right at the bottom of the frame in this image – only just managed to catch it.  Reason the path is so curved is because this was caught using a 15mm fish-eye lens and we are right on the edge of the frame.  Actually heard the “whoosh” as this one went over.

About half an hour earlier there was an ISS pass that I had forgotten was going to happen, around 11:44 p.m.  Luckily the camera was pointing in the right place to catch this very short 2-minute pass – unfortunately a plane on its way to Bournemouth decided to photo-bomb me.  The reason for the little gap in the ISS path is due to the 2-second delay I had set between frames on the Canon 5D MkII that was taking the images.  A good evening’s worth of viewing and imaging despite the cloud – hoping the weather Gods will be a bit kinder tonight.

I just managed to stitch together 3 consecutive frames of the plane/ISS pass which you can see here.

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