This is another non-astronomical rant, although it does concern our planet – so if you don’t like these posts – read no further.

In my 59 years on this planet I have never given any money to charity – until last week – when I made a donation to Greenpeace.

As I approach my 60th Birthday I am at last understanding what my Mum & Dad were saying to me about how things were not improving with time, and their worry about the up and coming generations being able to contribute anything, anything at all.  Last night I had my own wake up call concerning how the next generation is almost totally and utterly clueless, and yes of course this has a lot to do with my generation’s input.

But the doom and gloom bit has been around for each and every generation past hasn’t it, this is nothing new is it?  Is it even true??  Well look around you.  Consider what has happened over the past 50 years.  Look at the total disrespect and total disregard for Nature, Wildlife and the planet in general that has occurred over these past 50 years.  The “I want it all and I want it now” attitude is destroying your future.  If you don’t believe that the greed of man has seriously affected the smooth running of this planet in so many ways then you can proudly proclaim your membership of the Idiocracy.

I will continue to donate to Greenpeace until I finally peg out – they will not halt our hell-bent self-destruction, but I hope that they will at least slow it down enough that I won’t be around when it all falls completely apart.


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