For the very first time, the New Forest Observatory is offering a portfolio of deep-sky fine art images.  There are 3 portfolios on offer, a 5-pack, a 10-pack, and a 12-pack.  All images are printed on A4 HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, high-gloss, 280 g/m2 using a 6-colour HP inkjet printer (Designjet 130).  Each artwork is protected in its own A4 wallet, and the complete portfolio is bound in an A4 holder.  The base 10 images are as follows:

1)  The Pleiades  2)  The Rosette nebula  3)  M31 – the Andromeda galaxy  4)  M13 – the definitive NFO version of the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules  5)  The Cone nebula, Trumpler 5 and IC 2169  6)  M42 – the Great nebula in Orion  7)  The Horsehead nebula and Orion’s Belt  8)  North America and Pelican nebulae – round version  9)  The Witch’s Broom and Pickering’s Triangle  10)  The Jellyfish nebula

The 5-pack portfolio contains images numbered 1-5 above.

The 10-pack portfolio contains all of the above images.

The 12-pack portfolio contains two further high-quality deep-sky artworks chosen from the NFO archives.

Price for the 5-pack portfolio inclusive of U.K. p&p is just £125

The 10-pack portfolio inclusive of p&p is £250

The 12-pack portfolio inclusive of p&p is £300

E-mail to place your order and to receive PayPal details.

Thumbnails of the portfolio are shown below – please note these are very low resolution for easy display on this site.  The deep-sky artworks you will receive will not have captions, unlike a couple of the thumbnails shown below.  Some higher resolution versions of these images can be seen on my Flickr site here.

Single A4 artworks are still available at the very low price of just £25 including p&p and you can choose any image in the Gallery that you like 🙂

If, somehow, you are not feeling the effects of the current recession and you would like the portfolios in A3-size, the prices are as follows:

The A3-size 5-pack portfolio inclusive of p&p is £250

The A3-size 10-pack portfolio inclusive of p&p is £500

The A3-size 12-pack portfolio inclusive of p&p is £600

The A3 Fine Art prints are supplied on HP Advanced Photopaper, glossy, 250 g/mand they are printed using an HP 6-colour inkjet printer (HP Designjet 130).






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