Carbon star VX Andromedae

I only managed to get 4 x 15-minute subs before the cloud rolled in (one of the 3 scopes was out of focus) – but hey, at least it’s another one off the list.

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  1. Bob King says:

    Dear Greg,
    You have a superb website. Love your photography. My name is Bob King and I write for Sky and Telescope online. I’m writing an article for next week on carbon stars and came across your photos of a variety of these gems. May I have you permission to use two of them – Y CVn and VX And? I would of course credit you and would be happy to link back to your site. Just let me know if that’s OK.
    Thank you very much!

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Bob,
    Yes of course you can use them (I have dozens more that aren’t on the site) and thank you for asking.
    You can see more Carbon Stars on here
    All the best,

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