The mini-WASP array does Aldebaran and the Hyades region

The 200mm lens was set to f#4.5 with a 72mm UV/IR cut filter on the front and let loose on the Hyades region.

Only 12 x 5-minute subs as a test, so very surprised to see all the dust in the image!!  The only bad flaring (as expected) was from Aldebaran, but I really don’t like the 8-pointed stars.

So – back on goes the 52mm IDAS filter with the lens set wide open so we don’t get any diffraction spikes.  What we do get however is bad flaring from bright stars and I will need to do another test run to see how bad the flaring is.  If I can live with it, i.e. process it out without too much pain – then this is the configuration I will stick with.  If the flaring is too bad, then I’m not sure what the next step will be.

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