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NGC 1817 an open cluster in Taurus

Managed to get 12 x 20-minute subs on this one before total cloud cover last night – nice Moonless conditions – but a ton of water vapour in the air (seen using the standard torch test). Glad I got something … Continue reading

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Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy with the 200mm Canon lens and M26C OSC camera

This is not only the worst comet image I have ever posted – it is also the worst image I have ever posted. Still last night was a clear night – even if there was a blazing Moon up – … Continue reading

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Here’s a cunning plan for the up and coming General Election

Sorry – another non-astronomical post – if you don’t like seeing this stuff stop here. But I have reached an age where I don’t have to suffer crap anymore because for the first time in my life I answer to … Continue reading

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Nibiru garbage

O.K. so there appears to be some more Idiocracy-based garbage that needs to be put to bed. Killer planet Nibiru – it ain’t there people, sorry but your quick life cop-out isn’t just around the corner – not with non-existent … Continue reading

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