The BIG pinhole camera will be resurrected this Summer Solstice

I was looking at the pinhole camera image taken Winter Solstice 2013 – Summer Solstice 2014, and I realised there was an image I could take using the same kit that would be extremely interesting, and as far as I can see – it hasn’t been done before.  So I’ve dug out the BIG (4″ diameter drain pipe) pinhole camera and the 8 x 10 inch photographic paper ready to re-mount the camera on the south-facing house wall this Summer Solstice.  There will have to be a film change at the Winter Solstice, and then it needs to be left until Summer Solstice 2016 before I know whether the idea has worked or not.  So a year-long photographic experiment will soon begin at the New Forest Observatory 🙂  Getting all excited now.

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