Post Office farce – yes it does actually continue unabated!!

So where were we on this nonsense?  Oh yes, last Monday I went into the Post Office at Lymington with my passport and a statement from Southern Electric (just received, so within 2 months) which were copied and certified (for I.D. and address) and these went off First Class to the Post Office address.

Checking my account I could see that it still wasn’t reactivated on Thursday.  O.K. so another phone call to the Post Office to find out what is going on.  Very helpful guy on the end says yes they had received the verification documents and my account will be reactivated the next day (Friday).  Why not today, and why not immediately??  I know far better than to ask.

So here we are on Friday.  I try to get into my account a couple of times, and of course I can’t.  So another call to the Post Office.  You can see what’s coming already can’t you.  The address verification was not valid.  Clearly doesn’t matter that the guy yesterday said my account would be reactivated today – that was yesterday and that was someone else.  Because this was a statement of usage from Southern Electric and not a Bill it was not acceptable.  Doesn’t matter that the address is the same one as on my account and on the letter as well as the statement – oh no.  So another trip into Lymington Post Office with an actual Bill plus a Bank statement (strange they both have the same address as the unacceptable Southern Electric statement) and they were sent off.  But not before the jobsworth behind the Post Office counter tried to halt proceedings by asking to see the letter from the Post Office which surprise, surprise hasn’t arrived here yet.  You couldn’t make this crap up could you?  I took my wife along today as I needed someone there to prevent me trashing the place in case I met Ms. Jobsworth – which in the event I did.  My wife made it clear that Ms. Jobsworth just needed to certify the documents and send them off and it would be best not to pursue the business about the letter.  Extremely reluctantly she did as she was asked, but not without referring to the f***ing letter at least half a dozen more times.

So we have another trip to Lymington, another half hour on the phone, and another 3 hours of my time to go onto the Invoice the P.O. will be receiving for my costs on getting my account reactivated.  We are well over £500 now and still counting.

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