The Post Office farce might have finally been sorted

So did the Post Office finally come to their senses and sort things out to my satisfaction then??

Did they hell. This is what happened.
Last week I wrote a letter to the local newspaper spelling out the sick joke that is Post Office Savings.
My son works for said newspaper as a photojournalist.
The Editor put my son onto the case and he got through to the Post Office Savings Press Office – all this happened this morning before lunch.
Now at 4:15 p.m. I get the first phone call during this whole episode from the Post Office Customer Services bunch telling me my money had been transferred to my Bank account and the PO account closed.
Isn’t that amazing?
Thank you son – great job done, clearly you carry far more clout than your old man!!

Why am I not saying it has been completely sorted yet?  Because the money has not appeared in my Bank account yet.  Funny how in this age of digital money transfer it doesn’t appear straight away in my account – NOT!!!

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