The Experian problem

The money from the Post Office Savings Account is now finally back in my Lloyds Bank account having spent 1 week and 3 days in limbo.

This was not resolved by the Post Office finally seeing sense and getting their act together – it was resolved by my son, who is a photojournalist getting onto the Post Office’s Press Office and rattling a few cages.  Nice to know my son has more clout than the old man 🙂  But that’s by the by.

Although the Post Office needs to take a fair portion of the blame here, this episode of serial nonsense was not entirely their fault – in fact you could say it was not their fault at all, but the fault lies with Experian!  Experian are a bunch that have got together to stick their nose into your monetary matters and they have a credit report on each and every one of you.  Now, when I was on the phone to the Post Office and I was about to reactivate my account – it was Experian that put the kibosh on things.  How?  Well the Post Office, before it actually reactivates your account does a quick check with Experian and Experian will get back with a yes or no for immediately reactivating the account.  This is a purely automated process, there are no people talking to one another or anything sensible like that – oh no.  So of course in my case the word that came back from Experian was NO!  And THAT is why I have spent 1 week and 3 days trying to get my hands on my own money.

So what did Experian, this faceless wonder, have a problem with?  I don’t know, but they are looking at it for me right now.  How very kind of them.  In fact I just have an e-mail from “The Customer Relations Team” telling me this.  Great isn’t it – one person would have written the e-mail, someone who presumably has a name – but the e-mail comes from a faceless “team”.  Do you see what I’m getting at here?  Let’s carry on.  I asked the Post Office guy at the time what could possibly have led Experian to give a “no” answer to reactivating my account.  The only thing he could come up with at the time was a possible recent change of address.  As I have been at the present address for over 25 years I didn’t think that could be the cause.  The P.O. man of course didn’t have any idea what the problem was because THERE WAS NO COMMUNICATION WITH A PERSON AT THE OTHER END just a “no” automated reply.

There is a bunch of people out there, working for this “Experian”, who can make your life unpleasant, financially, and not just by malice, but by basically screwing things up with duff information.  I have heard of this before from other people, but it’s something else when you experience it for yourself – maybe that’s why they call themselves Experian?  The next installment of this monumental cock up will be what Experian has to say on the matter.  They will get back to me withing 4 weeks – wow – quickly as that – amazing, when you can actually close down someone’s account instantaneously.  Bit of a disconnect here don’t you think Experian??

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