God and the Absolute Infinite – the Ein Sof

If God is the Absolute Infinite, the Ein Sof, then I think we are entering very interesting territory.  Why?  Because I don’t believe there is ANYTHING in the physical Universe that is infinite.  I don’t believe there are an infinite number of photons, particles, quarks or neutrinos.  Our Universe it appears is finite in size and contains a finite amount of stuff.  So everything we can know (or ever know) in the real physical world appears to be made out of finite quantities – we won’t find God in the physical Universe.


Where do we find Infinities?  The only place I know of where we find Infinity is in mathematics.  Now that’s strange.  We use mathematics to explain the real world to high accuracy, and we even carry out integrations over infinity to give answers that correspond to realities in the real world – and yet infinity does not seem to be part of the real world.


So am I saying God is Mathematics?  No I am not.  But can you see that Mathematics might give us a clue as to what God actually is?  The Absolute Infinite was contemplated by Georg Cantor as an infinity that transcended the transfinite numbers.  It should be noted that Cantor equated the Absolute Infinite with God!  Cantor believed that the Absolute Infinite possessed mathematical properties including the reflection principle which states that every property of the Absolute Infinite is also held by some smaller object.  It is sad to relate that Georg Cantor, along with several other famous mathematicians/physicists who dared to venture into the realm of the infinite encountered severe mental problems leading to death.


We are now coming to the end of this piece.  How can a finite Mind contemplate and work with infinite quantities?  I suppose the trite answer is that it cannot and it leads to madness, which in itself is extremely interesting, because as we all know “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad”.  But now consider the reason our finite minds can work with the Infinite is due to the reflection principle, so that every property of the Absolute Infinite is also held by some smaller object – ourselves!

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  1. Ajazz Shake says:

    ” that every property of the Absolute Infinite is also held by some smaller object – ourselves!”

    I follow Muslim faith, will give Islamic perspective.
    What is God like?
    In Islam God is clearly defined as what he is and what he is not.

    In Islam God is called Allah… Following are his attributes.

    1) Allah exists without a beginning, without an ending, and without a place, he is absolute infinite.

    Genius mathematician Georg Cantor, absolute infinity with God.

    2] Allah does not begets nor He is begotten.

    3] He is absolutely unique, there is nothing in existence that resembles Allah.

    4] Allah does not perform physical actions as we understand how physical actions take place.

    To create something Allah only has to _*will*_ and it comes into existence.

    All the actions and process that take place in our universe requires function of time.

    Allah is truly infinite ie unchanging and unchanging does not require function of time and hence Allah is outside of time and cannot exist in our universe in any form, size, or shape.

    5] Since Allah is truly infinite his attributes and powers are also infinite.

    therefore he does not require any assistance or help, he free from any kind of need, he has no partners or helpers, he is truly ‘Self-Subsisting’.

    Also Allah does not possess negative attributes.

    For example :

    Allah does not get tired nor does he sleeps or feel drowsy , he does not forget.

    He requires no rest.He does not make any mistake.

    In Islam you can call Allah by any other name as long as the attributes or meaning does indicate negative attributes.

    *Allah is not everywhere* rather he is aware of everything, The step an Ant takes , even every rotation of an atom, every thought of all the human beings, he is aware of everything that exist nothing escapes his knowledge.

    Since God (Allah (swt) ) is truly Infinite his attributes are also infinite, but the attributes that he gave man has limits.

    For example:

    God can see and humans can also see.

    when we talk about Allah’s vision, we mean…

    One of the attribute of Allah is that he is known as Al-Baseer, meaning Allah sees everything, the apparent and the hidden, without using the faculty of vision, He sees and oversees; nothing in the high heavens or in the earth, or in what is between them both, nor what is under the ground, can ever be concealed from His vision.

    but as human beings our vision is limited, we cannot see anything if there is no light..!

    And Can free will and predestination coexist logically?

    Allah alone has absolute knowledge he alone know best.

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