Reprocessing mosaics with Noel’s AstroFlat tool

Now going back looking at old data where I have put mosaics together (not very well).  Noel’s AstroFlat tool allows you to flatten each frame of the mosaic so that they are dead easy to stitch together seamlessly.

Below there is a 4-frame mosaic of the Kemmble’s Cascade region taken with the Sky 90 array.  Each frame is 2-hours of 10-minute subs.  I have applied the Akira Fujii effect to make the Cascade stand out.

Also below is a 3-frame Canon 200mm/M26C image on the North America/Pelican region.  I overlaid some higher resolution Sky 90 data for the NA/Pelican as the 200mm data on its own at 6 arc seconds per pixel is a little soft.


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