Beautiful clear night last night, and a non-intrusive Moon for imaging in the Leo region.  12 x 5-minutes subs on the M100 region and the speed of the Hyperstar really shows through.  Need more data on this for a quality image, but this result is pretty acceptable for just one hour’s worth of imaging.


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2 Responses to “M100 using the Hyperstar III and Trius 814C OSC CCD from last night.”
  1. Bruce Donzanti says:

    HI Greg

    Great images! I was curious to see some with the SX-814C as I just purchased one to use on my Celestron C11″ EdgeHD on my AP Mach 1GTO mount. I have been using the SX UltraStar which works really well. For now, I only do unguided, short exposures. I am also getting ready to have an observatory built in Orlando, FL.

    Continued success!


  2. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Bruce – I think the SX-814C is perfect for the Celestron C11, so you should get some great images. Once you get guiding things will really take off 🙂 Let me know when your observatory is up and running.
    All the best,

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