60 x 15-minute subs on the IC405/410 region in Auriga

I got another 20 subs at 15-minutes per sub on the IC405/410 region last night using the 200mm lenses and ASI 2600MC-Pro cameras. The bad news is, the image just keeps on improving. So where do I stop? 80 subs? 100 subs? I am getting too old for this sort of imaging. I will try to get 100 subs on this target but there seems to be a weather change coming, AND the bloody clocks go forward an hour which doesn’t help matters. So it might be next year before I find out. What this does show me is that I have been taking steps backward with every “improvement” from my original Hyperstar work. In my original work I used to regularly take 100 sub images as the sub-exposure times were only 1 or 2-minutes, and I didn’t dither the subs either. The huge speed of the Hyperstar of course is what allowed me to use such short subs. I think this stuff needs a mjor rethink.

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