Composite IC2087

This is a composite image of the IC2087 region combining 17 x 20-minute subs from the 200mm lenses and the Trius M26C OSC CCDs, and 26 x 15-minute subs from the 200mm lenses and the ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras. The CMOS data was VERY much lower noise than the CCD data! Well two reasons are 26 subs for the CMOS versus 17 subs for the CCDs and 390-minutes for the CMOS versus 340-minutes for the CCDs. The third reason of course is the lower noise from the CMOS cameras.

Total number of subs – 43 (not enough)

Total imaging time – 730-minutes (12-hours and 10-minutes)

As I could have taken 100 x 10-minute subs with the ASI 2600MC Pro cameras in 9.2 hours – I think I might have ended up with a much better image, in less time, had I actually done that!

If we do a like-for-like comparison scaling with f# and taking a 5-minute sub for the Hyperstar, then we get:

Hyperstar 100 subs 5-minutes 600-minutes 10-hours
200mm 100 subs 20-minutes 1050-minutes 17.5-hours
Sky90s 100 subs 25-minutes 867-minutes 14.5-hours

So on that basis, the Hyperstar returns to being the fastest rig, which is to be expected as I knew that I needed 5 x Sky90s to match the speed of the Hyperstar, but couldn’t afford to put that sort of rig together.

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