Russ Croman’s StarXTerminator

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Very recently I downloaded the free trial of Russ Croman’s StarXTerminator to check out how it fared with some of my images. Better with some than others, as to be expected, and I was not yet fully on-board with actually splashing out on a purchase.

But then Noel Carboni sent me a JWST image he’d quickly worked on trying to remove those repulsive 8 diffraction spikes around all bright stars. The result was much improved, but far from ideal. So Noel’s effort prompted me to try Russ Croman’s program on the same image – and you can see the result above.

Russ – you have a belter of a program there! I think you should be talking to NASA about doing a deal cleaning up their lousy JWST images.

Oh – and yes – of course – I will now be purchasing StarXTerminator!!

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