Climate Change

Climate change? What climate change? Where’s your proof???
You aren’t going to believe this one.
So I suffer from Hayfever – big deal – why are you talking about Hayfever at the end of December??
I know Hayfever symptoms (I’ve had it for over 60 years) and I felt I had Hayfever at the BEGINNING of December. Surely not possible. However, talking to my wife, she said she had seen the Catkins out (Hazel and the first indicator that I’m going to get Hayfever) since the beginning of the month. I went out for a walk and sure enough all the Hazel trees down the lane were covered in Catkins!!!
10 years ago I got thoroughly pissed off when the Catkins came out at the beginning of February and kicked off my Hayfever.
5 years ago I got even more pissed off when the first Catkins opened up at the beginning of January.
And now in 2022 we have Catkins opening up at the beginning of December.
Congratulations you really have f***ed this Planet up good and proper.
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