Optolong L-Enhance Filter on the IC405/IC410 Region

This image is just 8 x 20-minute subs on the 200mm lenses with the ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras AND the Optolong L-Enhance filters.

There is more signal in the Spider’s Web region in these 8 x 20-minute subs than there was from 76 x 15-minute subs using the straight RGB data (UV/IR cut filter only).

This filter is going to completely transform my OSC camera work – COMPLETELY!!

Only one negative point in this image – can you see it?

The bright blue (broadband) reflection nebulosity in the head of the Flaming Star nebula is missing (taken out by the filter). However – that can easily be put back in again by using the straight RGB data 🙂 

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