Now 6-hours on the IC410/IC405 Region

Got a little more data on the IC410/IC405 region last night with the 200mm lenses, ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras and the Optolong L-Enhace filters. I am now up to 18 x 20-minute subs. If I can get another 12 subs on this one, taking me up to 10-hours of data, I think I’ll call it a day. What this has shown me (which is rather a blow) is that the 76 x 15-minute subs I took of this region – minus the filters – is rubbish in comparison. Still, without this filtered data I wouldn’t have known that was the case.

These Optolong L-Enhance filters have really transformed my OSC imaging and I have a pile of targets on my list which are now viable using this amazingly powerful imaging combo.

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