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O.K. so as I am retired and have a bit of time on my hands – I am thinking of running an Astronomy Image of the Day from the New Forest Observatory web site. And yes the idea is to not only be direct competition with that other lot – but to also show a better spread of great images from amateurs across the planet. This is to be amateur (or obsessed individuals) only – so not interested in processed professional data, and photoshop fantasy creations. So long as it is your work and it has ANYTHING to do with the night sky – then it’s good.
If anyone out there has any interest in sending in an image to this, let me know so I can gauge whether it’s worth the effort of setting up (or not). Send your image (1024 pixels on the long side) to
And unlike that other lot I will need details of how the image was captured, kit subs, cameras scopes, etc. This Image of the Day will be informative as well showing your pretty pictures.

Today’s Astronomy Image of the Day is from yours truly and is 29-hours on the IC410/IC405 nebulae in Auriga taken with both the Sky90 array and the 200mm lenses. 20-minute subs and Russ Croman’s StarXterminator was applied.

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