A Super-Universe?

Webb results imply to me that there is an overall “Super-Universe” of infinite size and infinite lifetime – and our particular Universe is just one of many (infinite maybe?) sitting within it. Little Universes (like our own) are popping up all the time within the infinite Super-Universe. So the question of what came before the Big Bang is not an unanswerable question – it is the Super-Universe. And the answer as to what lies beyond the boundary of our Universe is not nothing, once again it is the Super-Universe. Our Universe is not creating spacetime at its boundary as it expands, it is flowing into an already existing spacetime, the spacetime of the Super-Universe. I’m pretty sure this theory does not go against any cosmological observations. If it does – please let me know. The Super-Universe would therefore also be the Absolute Infinite or Ein Sof as discussed by Rudy Rucker in “Infinity and the Mind”.

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  1. George Roberts says:

    Is this not Fred Hoyles ‘steady state’ universe scaled up? If so why not incorporate a component of ‘ steady state’ theory within a a single big bang universe rather than hypothesize a super universe as a set of all universes?

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Good question! And no it is not a scaled up steady state universe, for the very reason you state. My theory allows multiverses, and it looks like Webb may be on the way to showing that multiverses actually do exist. We will soon see.

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