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Well I have on my calendar that Picture of the Week for today was Altair and Barnard’s “E”. So it was a bit of a surprise to come to the site today and find nothing has been updated. No idea what happened there :}

Never mind, day after my BIG Birthday I pulled myself together and put the image up.

This is a 2-frame mosaic using the Canon 200mm prime lenses and the ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras. 5 hours of 10-minute subs per frame. Alshain (very light-orange star bottom left), Altair (blue-white star centre), Tarazed (orange star top right, next to Barnard’s “E”) are the 3 stars you can see visually when you look towards Altair. Barnard’s “E” is the very nice dark nebula on the right of Tarazed. I also took this image using the M26C OSC CCDs and the current image definitely benefits from the lower noise CMOS cameras.

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