Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week is M33 – the Triangulum Galaxy.

At the risk of becoming boringly repetitive, this is yet another object with very many total imaging hours, probably well over 15 in total. This has been imaged using all versions of the Hyperstar, so that is the original (no rotation or collimation adjusters) and also the HSIII and HS4. Also imaged with the Sky90s and several different cameras.

This is a strange object to image for me. The subs always come down looking bright and strong, and yet the final stacked image has always come out disappointing given the expectation from the subs. From the quality of the initial data I have always expected far more than I managed to process out of this one.

Again, this is probably as good as I’m going to get from my current location, and so this one must also be considered “done” unless I can manage to move to a darker site.

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