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I was very disappointed to note that Noel Carboni was not credited with all the digital image processing in the text accompanying the Rosette nebula image in the June 2008 issue of Practical Astronomer.  I have asked Eddie to rectify this oversight as an erratum in next month’s [July]  issue of Practical Astronomer.

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Great news!  Our definitive Rosette nebula image incorporating RGB, H-alpha and OIII data features on the cover, and centre-page spread of Eddie’s superb Practical Astronomer magazine.  Nice print job there Eddie 🙂

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In the December 2007 issue of Practical Astronomer the Editor (Eddie Guscott) interviews Greg Parker about his imaging from the New Forest Observatory and his collaboration with Noel Carboni via the Internet.

This is a 6-page interview and makes the magazine worth purchasing 🙂  

Our thanks to Eddie and the rest of the team at Practical Astronomer for taking the time to interview us, it was a great experience.

The images below are the same as some of those in the article

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It arrived this morning!! Practical Astronomer have published our latest image of Orion’s Belt on both the cover and centre page spread of this months magazine [October 2007].

Below are the words on the page just before the centre page spread picture, and a picture of the cover, and of course our own image.

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Our deep image of M42 taken with the Sky 90/SXVF-M25C combination appears in the May 2007 edition of Practical Astronomer in the Readers Gallery on Page 61.

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Another first for us! Practical Astronomer are publishing our wide field image of the Pleiades on page 62 of the February 2007 issue (volume 2, issue 2).

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