The Veil Nebula in Cygnus Imaging Project: Almost, but not quite…

The last RGB image of the Veil nebula has been significantly improved by adding some H-alpha and some OIII narrowband data as can be seen in the accompanying image. 

However, the project has turned into an even bigger undertaking. 

I decided that I needed to get the nebulosity south of this region, so I embarked on a full two-frame Sky 90/M25C mosaic to capture the whole of the Veil complex.  I now only need the RGB data of the southern region (H-alpha and OIII already taken) in order to have an extremely deep and detailed image of the whole of the Veil.

The statistics make frightening reading.  So far I have taken 142 sub-exposures amounting to 27 hours total imaging time and a 1.7 GB file size.  The addition of the final RGB data is likely to take this project to over 30 hours total imaging time with a file size in excess of 2 GB. 

I am not sure I will undertake such a mammoth task again without the aid of the mini-WASP array!

The original image is on the left and the improved images (with H-alpha and OIII narrowband data) is on the right:

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