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Noel reprocessed the Veil nebula data making the stars less obtrusive and sharpening up the nebulosity a little to emphasize the filaments.  It’s a personal choice as to which version you prefer – I like the down-played stars myself.

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Today is a landmark day for the New Forest Observatory.  After a marathon processing session involving a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and a hallucination-inducing lack of sleep – Noel Carboni has just finished processing the Summer 2007 mega-project, the Veil nebula in Cygnus!

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The last few days Noel has been working right through the night to get the images sorted for Star Vistas.  As I write this, Noel is working on the mammoth Veil Nebula data set.  In a previous post you can see the upper region of the Veil, and Noel just sent me a “taster” of the lower Veil region.  This is going to be a classic!  Keep viewing this site – it will be posted soon 🙂

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The last RGB image of the Veil nebula has been significantly improved by adding some H-alpha and some OIII narrowband data as can be seen in the accompanying image. 

However, the project has turned into an even bigger undertaking. 

I decided that I needed to get the nebulosity south of this region, so I embarked on a full two-frame Sky 90/M25C mosaic to capture the whole of the Veil complex.  I now only need the RGB data of the southern region (H-alpha and OIII already taken) in order to have an extremely deep and detailed image of the whole of the Veil.

The statistics make frightening reading.  So far I have taken 142 sub-exposures amounting to 27 hours total imaging time and a 1.7 GB file size.  The addition of the final RGB data is likely to take this project to over 30 hours total imaging time with a file size in excess of 2 GB. 

I am not sure I will undertake such a mammoth task again without the aid of the mini-WASP array!

The original image is on the left and the improved images (with H-alpha and OIII narrowband data) is on the right:

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For me, the imaging object of Summer 2007 has been the Veil Nebula region in Cygnus.  This is to-date the greatest amount of data taken by me on one object, during one period – ever.  I’m not too sure I’ll be doing this again 🙂

This image comprises over 17 hours of total exposure time including 3 and a half hours of narrow band H-alpha data.  Over 8 hours of Hyperstar data for the Witch’s Broom region was also included in this image [these 8 hours were extra to the 17 hours taken on the Sky 90/M25C].

Processing time more than equaled imaging time on this one and Noel excelled himself here managing to squeeze out the very last traces of the Veil amidst a mass of overpowering stars – and quite a lot of Moon glow!

Why is the project only 90% complete? 

I have only just ordered an OIII filter [from Ian King imaging] to try and boost the blue/green regions you can see in the image.  If I can add this data in before the Veil moves into an unfavorable region of the sky [only a week or two away now] then I may finish this mega-project off this year.

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I’m thinking ahead about the deep-sky object that I will concentrate on for the short summer nights.  I am really impressed with the image of the Veil nebula on Davide de Martin’s Skyfactory site where he has processed this superb image using Palomar POSS II data.

I think I’d really like to give this one a good try, however that field of view (FOV) of 4.2 x 4.4 degrees would mean a 2-frame mosaic with the Sky 90/M25C combination, and I’m not too happy about spending that much time on just one object, especially with short evenings.

However, Steve Cannistra has also imaged the Veil region with a set up that has a very similar field of view to mine and although it doesn’t get the whole of the region in the frame, it still makes a very impressive image.

Taking all things into account, I will try to get a very deep single-frame image of the veil region using the one-shot camera and the usual Hutech IDAS light pollution filter. 

I know from the previous work I carried out on the Witch’s Broom region of the veil with the Sky 90/SXV-H9C combination that the one-shot is fine for this purpose. 

The only thing that I don’t know is how good (or not) the one-shot will be at picking up the faint stuff between the Eastern and Western veil regions.  I guess the only way to find out will be to image the thing this summer 🙂

I’m going to be posting more about the Veil Nebula project and you can follow my progress in the Veil Nebula Category or by clicking on the links below [which also happen to be from the Veil Nebula category]:

The diagram from Cartes du Ciel will give you an indication of where the Veil Nebula is in the night sky:

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