Using Astro-Imaging Techniques with Terrestrial Photos

I thought I’d talk about techniques and show how some of the techniques used to create our deep-sky astroimages can be used in terrestrial photography as well. 

For example, the two images of North Weirs in the New Forest (just 3 minutes walk from NFO) are 4-frame mosaics. 


The four frames were taken manually (no tripod) and stitched together in exactly the same way the Hyperstar and Sky 90 mosaics are created.  Also, some curves were used to brighten up a rather cool image taken with a very low Autumn Sun.

The row of houses are on North Weirs road, and the open forest landscape is the view from these houses. 

As you can imagine, this is a nice dark site and much better than the NFO location. 🙁

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