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MiniWASP major upgrade 17/02/2022

I have just completed a major upgrade to the MiniWASP array, specifically the 2 Canon 200mm f#2.8 prime lenses. You can now see there are a pair of red cameras on the back instead of the usual black ones. These … Continue reading

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A Carbon star in the Gamma Cass region

I was just looking at an old Gamma Cass image (for another reason) and saw a bright red dot for the first time. Yep, it was a Carbon star that had been there all the time and I hadn’t noticed. … Continue reading

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M42 and the Running Man

After the CTB1 experiment – M42 was well-placed in the South and I managed to get 10 x 3-minute subs before the cloud rolled in from the West. This is pushing me to get 100 x 3-minute subs just to … Continue reading

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The Andromeda Galaxy, M31.

This is a composite image incorporating very recent Hyperstar 4 data with very old Sky90 data.

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The California nebula processed from DSS2 data.

Yet another boring grey day with absolutely no chance of imaging. So to keep my hand in with the image processing I decided to have a go at the California nebula region using DSS2 data. I tell you how to … Continue reading

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V1331 in Cygnus captured by the Sky90 array.

V1331 Cygni is a young star in the constellation Cygnus. V1331 Cyg is located in the dark nebula LDN 981. V1331 Cygni is most noted for having an arc-like reflection nebula surrounding it. This circumstellar disc is a great birthplace … Continue reading

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Collimating the Hyperstar 4

In my opinion the Hyperstar 4 is a most amazing piece of kit, and it is beyond me why anyone entering astrophotography for the first time wouldn’t consider this as their route to entry. But there is a caveat. To … Continue reading

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Out until 3:00 a.m. last night – the joy of astrophotography.

Well last night was an extremely rare, beautiful clear and Moonless night. I had 2 main things to get on with, one get the array in the North Dome polar aligned and all the cameras/scopes set up ready for imaging, … Continue reading

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How did it all begin??

As I sit through gloomy days and gloomy nights waiting patiently for this season’s imaging to get underway, I remembered the very odd start I had to this hobby. I don’t think I’ve shared this one before, so maybe now … Continue reading

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A 10-year Journey on Speed or Why the Hyperstar Really is a High-Speed Imaging System.

No not amphetamines speed, but f# speed, a poorly understood but absolutely critical optical system parameter. It has been a very difficult decision for me to make on how to tell this story. I have had clues about what’s been … Continue reading

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