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Starless Cygnus Wall with Additions

A starless Cygnus Wall region.

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A Star-Reduced Version of the Cygnus Wall


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A Starless Version of the Cygnus Wall

I used Registar to combine a number of images that included the Cygnus Wall, and the used Russ Croman’s StarXTerminator to remove the stars.

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Got Today’s EPOD

Thank you Jim for continuing to publish my work. This is EPOD number 120.

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The Fermi Paradox and Overlap Time

We have only been sending radio signals out into space for something like 80 years, and we have only been looking for extraterrestrial signals for a good few years less. The way we’re going with planetary destruction, the threat of … Continue reading

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Collimating the Hyperstar V4 on a Celestron Nexstar GPS 11.

The biggest pain involved in getting the best out of a Hyperstar is getting the collimation sorted. As it was a full Moon last night I thought I would start from scratch (deliberately way out of collimation) and then see … Continue reading

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MiniWASP major upgrade 17/02/2022

I have just completed a major upgrade to the MiniWASP array, specifically the 2 Canon 200mm f#2.8 prime lenses. You can now see there are a pair of red cameras on the back instead of the usual black ones. These … Continue reading

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A Carbon star in the Gamma Cass region

I was just looking at an old Gamma Cass image (for another reason) and saw a bright red dot for the first time. Yep, it was a Carbon star that had been there all the time and I hadn’t noticed. … Continue reading

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M42 and the Running Man

After the CTB1 experiment – M42 was well-placed in the South and I managed to get 10 x 3-minute subs before the cloud rolled in from the West. This is pushing me to get 100 x 3-minute subs just to … Continue reading

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The Andromeda Galaxy, M31.

This is a composite image incorporating very recent Hyperstar 4 data with very old Sky90 data.

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