Some terrestrial mosaics

I mentioned a little while back how I was using the Canon 40D to take mosaics of the local New Forest area.  The reasons for creating mosaics with a 10 megapixel camera include:

  • You are able to print out very large images at high resolution.
  • You can zoom-in on your image in your image processing software to see very fine detail.  This is just like having a microscope on your desktop.
  • You can create panoramas having a much greater field of view than the native field of view of your imaging system.

I have placed some images on my Flickr site so you can get an idea of what is achievable with a fairly standard DSLR and the superb mosaic assembly capabilities of Photoshop CS3.  Please note – the panoramic view of the North Weirs area of the New Forest is a (hugely downsampled) 54-frame mosaic!  This only took Photoshop CS3 an hour to align and blend, which I think is pretty amazing.  I welcome any comments you might have about creating large mosaics (either terrestrial or deep-sky).

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