Do we live in a Matrix Universe? The endgame.

It is clear the way my time is going that I am never going to complete my book “Game Over” which describes the end of our computer generated “reality”.

This being the case I have put the final Chapters in here, so you don’t have to read the whole book to get the picture 🙂

 Briefly, a particle-physicist called Adam has been looking carefully at those results in Physics that point to something “being wrong”.  These include the EPR paradox, the two-slit experiment, fractals, and a number of other places where “the program” seems to be breaking down.  Eventually, he realises the purpose of the program, and the result is Game Over!


Chapter 13 – Game Over!

“It was not I that revealed the secret of the Gods; the wise man learned it in a dream”.  From the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Tying all the pieces together – Adam finally understood.

The Creator of the Universal program was running a unique simulation experiment.

The purpose of the Universal program was to see whether a sufficiently complex program, running on a Quantum Computer, could eventually become self-aware.

And with that final realisation Adam’s eyesight clouded over and his world began to disintegrate into shimmering neon of letters and figures cascading down an infinity of flat screen displays in a scene that could have come straight out of the Matrix.  He felt very sick, vertigo struck home hard, he span but he did not move because Mach’s Principle no longer meant anything.  The Purpose had been fulfilled.  The construct known as Adam had at last become totally “self-aware” and his realisation of the flaws and limitations of the almost infinitely complex program that was once the Universe had brought the intricate web of coding abruptly and finally to its logical Turing halt state – just as its Creator had intended.

The simulation had only taken 14 billion years to run its course – the blink of an eye for the Quantum programmer Adam knew only as God.

Chapter 14 – Epilogue.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Genesis 1:1

 “Aha!  You see Jaffoor, I told you!”, said Triilliing, “It only took a short while for my little program to become self-conscious just as I predicted.  Look – it has come to its stop-state!”

“That’s all very well and good”, said Jaffoor, “But what about the myriads of sentients and constructs that no longer exist, just to prove your idea?”.

“The program has proved my point”, rounded Triilliing, “Let there be darkness!”; and there was darkness.

My original thoughts about living in a Matrix Universe can be found here.

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