The mini-WASP array morphs into the NIP

It is just as well I don’t have the funds available to proceed with the mini-WASP concept as it has given me time to think about the whole system.  Since coming up with the idea of multiple imaging scopes to effectively cut down the total imaging time on an object, I have had real trouble trying to couple the colour imaging system with the narrowband imaging system.  Basically, no combination of scopes and cameras could cover what I wanted to achieve.

But sometimes a walk with the dog over the forest can achieve wonders, and it came to me that I should not try to combine both systems in one.  It would make far more sense to keep the Hyperstar III system as is for taking the colour data, although this will mean a 4-frame mosaic for each object, and use the mini-WASP array with its FSQ106 scopes and 35mm format mono cameras for just taking the narrowband data.  The colour and narrowband data can then be put together by Noel to create unique wide field images.  In addition the framework of the mini-WASP can be adapted to hold up to 10 scopes plus a finder scope, so this flexible system allows for a variety of FOVs to be taken.  Since the mini-WASP array will now only be used for narrowband imaging I have renamed it the Narrowband Imaging Platform or NIP.  Now all I need is a substantial Lottery win!

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