The NFO at night with Orion for company

Last night there were some breaks in the cloud and it was also unusually mild.  So I took the 40D outside on the tripod (I should have taken the TT320 as well but I wasn’t thinking straight yesterday for reasons that will become clear on the 23rd December 2008 – come back to the NFO then 🙂 and I took some frames of the dome and Orion.  ISO 800, 10-second exposures, 28mm focal length, f#5.6, about 15 stacked frames.  As I did a manual 2-star lock on the stars when stacking, the dome (and tree behind it) are blurred – but what this image does show is the nicely Sodium illuminated dome courtesy of about half a dozen close-by street lights!!  Needless to say lights stay on blazing away all through the night when the only thing they are doing is showing the way home to the foxes.

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