We’re on a roll!!  The Parker/Carboni double-team have just got the Astronomy Picture of the Day for 23rd December 2008 with our Coathanger cluster image 🙂  This one is a personal favourite of mine and was my desktop for many months.  Look down the postings and you will see our last APOD was just five days ago – so although 2008 has been very lean on APODs for us – we seem to be leaving the year on a high.

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2 Responses to “Astronomy Picture of the Day [APOD] for 23rd December 2008”
  1. kiarash says:

    congratulations Noel and Greg!
    its really fantastic.
    I watched it for 1 hour on apod page.
    its very beautyful.
    I have a question.
    how much is your sky dark?
    Noel have said in his website that he has a light polluted sky but his images are really beautyful. how do you take images like those in your website Noel?
    are u sure that your sky is light polluted? 😀
    or maybe you use a LP filter.
    I dont know. please tell me how can i take pictures like u in my light polluted sky.

    isfahan , iran

  2. Greg Parker says:

    My sky is not particularly dark. On a “good” night I can see all the stars in Ursa Minor, on a poor night I can only make out Polaris. Most nights it lies somewhere in between the two.

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