Comet Lulin captured from the NFO Saturday 28th Feb. 2009

Unexpectedly the clouds shifted for a few hours on Saturday 28th February 2009.  I thought that I was going to completely miss comet Lulin with the appalling (imaging) weather we’ve had these last two months.  However, someone was looking kindly down upon me and I managed to get 77 subs at 3-minutes per sub on beautiful comet Lulin.  The head region is green just like last year’s comet Holmes, but quite unlike last year’s Holmes we actually get a tail as well with Lulin 🙂  Expertly processed in double-quick time by Noel Carboni in Florida U.S.A. we proudly present to you one of our best images (or so we think) – comet Lulin!!!

Note the little bunch of galaxies in the tail just behind the nucleus – wonderful stuff!!!

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