For regular visitors it will not have escaped your notice that there haven’t been many new images posted so far this year.  This is due to two factors.  One – Noel has been very busy with other programming jobs and has barely come up to surface in the last 6 months.  Two – I have had very poor weather conditions since the beginning of the year and have only managed to capture about 5 or 6 new images so far in 2009 🙁  However, Noel needed a break from the day job and processed a single framer of the Cone Nebula taken last Winter using the Hyperstar III kit.  I had intended that this would be a 6-framer with the whole of the Cone Nebula plus a couple of nearby lying reflection nebulae.  But of course the weather had other ideas and what was to be my Winter mega-project just turned out to be a single frame of less than 4 hours.  Likewise I had hoped this Spring to get four more frames lying off the bottom of the Markarian chain to complete a mega-mosaic of the region.  Result so far – nothing – nada – zilch – zero.  I guess I should not really bother trying to plan projects – the weather is always guaranteed to let me down.  Enough moaning – here’s the Cone Nebula.

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